Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Does this look like the face of a snob?

Well, it is.
When Daisy got wet food to take her medicine with, she stopped wanting her dry food. I was pretty stubborn so I wouldn't let her have wet food (once her meds were done) until the dry food was gone. Then, we appeared to switch to a dry food she didn't enjoy, and the hunger strike began. So I bought new food that she used to enjoy - same result. I caved and gave her wet food (but it was a generic kind from extra foods) and she refused once more. I thought maybe she was just lazy, since she'd barely left my bed. I brought her breakfast in bed (kibbles) to see if she'd eat them... She ate one measly kibble. Crap.
In a panic, I go back and buy some wet food she had with her meds and she's been happily gobbling it up. 2 months ago she didn't know what wet food *was* and now she's particular about brand?! Also, she's more stubborn than me... That's a sad and pathetic realization. :)

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