Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sad news

Today, around 1:45pm I made the difficult decision to have Daisy euthanized. She was diagnosed as having serious trouble with her liver, kidneys, bone marrow and diabetes. The odds of her living were slim, and her quality of life would have been poor. She was my companion, my little fur baby, and I loved her so much. She will be beyond greatly missed. This is the last posting to this blog. Thanks for being a part of our lives.

On hold...

Due to the severity of Daisy's condition, dotd is currently on hold. Daisy is currently hospitalized for liver failure and we're awaiting test results to determine the severity of the situation.
If you can, please take a moment to send love, prayers or good vibes her way. I really hope she can pull through and be back to her silly self.

Friday, March 4, 2011

My poor furbaby

So, there was an unfortunate mix up. Daisy's being picky about her food was an indication of illness not snobbery. I came home last night to find her dangerously dehydrated and rushed her to a 24 hour vet. He injected her with fluid and ran some tests and gave me a prescription for antibiotics. Here's to hoping she pulls through. :(

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Jenny Craig poster girl...

My darling baby used to be *quite* the chub. We never talked about it with her in the room or anything, but she was far from yoga-esque. Her extra padding made her even more graceful and slightly less clumsy. Now, thanks to the stress diet (and her recent wet food hunger strike) she's looking pretty trim. Luckily she still falls off of things so we have stuff to laugh at.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Does this look like the face of a snob?

Well, it is.
When Daisy got wet food to take her medicine with, she stopped wanting her dry food. I was pretty stubborn so I wouldn't let her have wet food (once her meds were done) until the dry food was gone. Then, we appeared to switch to a dry food she didn't enjoy, and the hunger strike began. So I bought new food that she used to enjoy - same result. I caved and gave her wet food (but it was a generic kind from extra foods) and she refused once more. I thought maybe she was just lazy, since she'd barely left my bed. I brought her breakfast in bed (kibbles) to see if she'd eat them... She ate one measly kibble. Crap.
In a panic, I go back and buy some wet food she had with her meds and she's been happily gobbling it up. 2 months ago she didn't know what wet food *was* and now she's particular about brand?! Also, she's more stubborn than me... That's a sad and pathetic realization. :)